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Eating Out Paleo: Limon Rotisserie (San Francisco, CA)

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I’m always on the lookout for affordable, kid-friendly, Paleo fare in San Francisco, and Limon Rotisserie certainly fits the bill.

Limon Rotisserie is casual spot in the Mission District where the main draw is the Peruvian-style rotisserie chicken. The pollo a la brassa can be ordered by the quarter, half, or whole, and the bird comes with two side dishes and three dipping sauces. I’ve wanted to dine here ever since I read that the chicken was ranked #32 on this year’s SFoodie’s 92 best things to eat and drink in San Francisco. That’s a ringing endorsement if you ask me.

Everything is served family style (which is my favorite way to eat!) and you can also choose from a list of ceviches and small plates to share. But be warned: If you aren’t treating this dinner as an F-off meal, make sure you read the menu descriptions carefully because many dishes are seasoned with soy sauce.

What’d we order?

We shared a plate of ceviche de pescado (red snapper)…

…anticuchos de res (grilled beef heart skewers with yucca and choclo)…

…a whole rotisserie free-range chicken…

…dipping sauces…

…french fries for the kids, and a mediocre side salad.

How was the renowned pollo a la brassa?

With my expectations sky-high, it was bound to be a letdown…and it kinda was. The bird was very flavorful but the chicken was a bit overcooked in my opinion. However, we were stuffed to the gills, had 1/3 of a chicken leftover to bring home, and it all cost less than $50.

Not too shabby if you ask me.

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