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Ruhlman on Paleo

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Last year, I struck up a friendly correspondence with Michael Ruhlman, about our respective food apps. For me, this was a Big Deal; after all, Michael’s been one of my one of my cooking and writing idols for, well…forever. He’s penned many of the best food books around (including Ruhlman’s Twenty, Charcuterie, Ratio, Ad Hoc at Home, and The French Laundry Cookbook), and I love his blog. I mean, who can resist his rants about everything from the uselessness of wooden spoons to cooking your own food and thinking for yourself?


Naturally, I was floored when Michael agreed to write a blurb for the back cover of my cookbook last year, and I was honored when he recently invited me to guest post on his blog about Paleo. When I finally met Michael in person a few days ago, I think my knees actually buckled. I definitely need to work on my flop-sweat fangirl tendencies.

Check out my guest post on here.

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