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Paleo Eats: 7/10/11

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Today was filled with cooking and entertaining so I’m pooped again. Luckily, I’ve got gobs of yummy leftovers so I can coast for the next few days…

For breakfast, I baked a marinated chicken drumstick in the toaster oven. I was barbecuing this chicken for dinner, so I wanted to double-check on the seasoning before serving it to guests. I’m a good host like that.

Yummy! My big sis never lets me down when I ask her for a recipe!

Afterwards, Big-O and I went to the Mountain View Farmers’ Market and Sigona’s to stock up on veggies and meat. We came home with tons of both.

At lunchtime, R agreed to come over and be a guinea pig to taste a new variation on my mini frittata muffinsprosciutto-wrapped mini frittata muffins! I served everybody a couple muffins along with a green salad.

In the afternoon, I was busy prepping for our Paleo barbecue with our BFFs, S and J. 

Our dinner menu included grilled summer squash with balsamic vinegar and basil…

roasted curried cauliflower

grilled portobello mushroom packets with garlic and lemon

sous vide mini slider burgers (seasoned with Arizona Dreaming seasoning), and my sister’s phenomenal grilled green chicken.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Yep, I made a ton of food, but now I have lots of leftovers. I’m certain I won’t want to cook for a couple days. At least.

Good night!

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