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Paleo Eats: 6/15/11 (Fourth Day In Kauai)

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Another day of Paleo eats in Kauai…

Unlike our previous few days on the island, we ate just about all our meals out at restaurants (which is a more typical M.O. for us when we’re traveling). But this is my vacation, damn it, and I don’t want to cook all my meals!

Before heading to our 6:00 a.m. class at Kauai CrossFit


…I scarfed down half an avocado sprinkled with Aloha Spice Company’s Pele’s Fire Sea Salt and a small slice of yesterday’s frittata.

The WOD today was tough but hubby thought I enjoyed it because I was smiling throughout the workout.  Little does he know that I’m a mouth breather when I exercise and I just look like I’m smiling. 

As a post-workout meal, we scarfed down a baked purple yam at the beach before we strolled to Ono Family Restaurant for some grub.


I ordered the Captain’s Platter, which came with grilled mahi mahi and two eggs over medium.


In place of rice AND toast, I asked for steamed vegetables.

I squeezed lemon all over everything and gobbled up my protein and veggies.


Fitbomb ordered a special listed on the white board: Portugese shredded pork with two eggs over easy.


He ordered some pineapple in place of the double starch sides and didn’t touch the brown gravy that accompanied the swine.

This casual diner cooks up reliable local breakfast fare and the Japanese aunties that staff this joint are charming and efficient.

After breakfast, we attempted to buy local, grass fed beef at Kojima Store but the butcher counter is closed on Wednesdays and Sundays. Dang nab it!

For lunch, we stopped by the Kilauea Fish Market where I ordered a Cajun-spiced ahi sashimi salad…


…that I scarfed down on the back patio with the family.


At dinnertime, we drove to Bar Acuda and ate a yummy, mostly-Paleo meal.


Time for bed!

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