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Alex Boake Rocks

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I tried my best to stay in a blissed-out, zen-like state post-vacation, but I had to immediately jump back into working nights, and now my whole family (including me) has a stomach bug. But you know what puts a smile on my face? This lovely picture of yours truly drawn by uber-talented artist and blogger Alex Boake!

Nom Nom Paleo Portrait by Alex Boake

Aren’t those red sneakers the best? I need to go get some pronto—and learn to juggle knives and kettlebells, too. 

I first learned of Alex on my buddy Russ Crandall’s site, The Domestic Man. Their collaborations piqued my interest because, as you know, I love the intersection of cartoons and food. (That’s why my blog and cookbook are filled with ’em!) Then, I saw Alex’s illustrations on Liz Wolfe’s swag, as well as the awesome and infamous Poop Pageant graphic in Diane Sanfilippo’s blockbuster, Practical Paleo. I finally met her in person at Paleo FX earlier this year, and got to spend more time with her at AHS in August. Alex is funny and kind, in that self-deprecating Canadian way that I love.


If you haven’t visited Alex’s blog yet, do it. It’s full of tasty, gluten-free dishes. Some of my favorites are her graphic versions of Paleo Sweet Potato Chili with Beef and Red Peppers, Breakfast Stuffed Sweet Potato,  Picanha (Brazilian Roasted Top Sirloin), and Thai Shrimp Soup. Plus, she’s involved in a handful of as-of-yet unannounced Paleo book projects(!) that are coming out this year, and I can’t wait to see what she’s got cooking. Now go connect with her via FacebookTwitter, & Instagram. Maybe if you’re lucky, she’ll draw a kickass poster of you, too!