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Paleo Eats: 5/5/11

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I’m back at work for another seven night stretch. Normally, the first night flies by and tonight was no exception.

My first meal at work didn’t happen until 2:00 a.m. and I ate some leftover kebabs from Anatolian kitchen, broiled asparagus, and a small container of strawberries.

The last thing I ate at work was a chicken apple sausage with leftover garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes and steamed mini summer squash.

When I got home, I helped Big-O get ready for school and then I went to bed.

At 5:00 p.m., I woke up, marinated some Portobello mushrooms, and drove Big-O to his T-ball game. When we got back, I reheated the slow cooker lemongrass coconut chicken drumsticks on the stove, roasted the Portobello mushroom packets

…and curried cauliflower in the oven.

I chopped some fresh cilantro…

…that I sprinkled on the chicken…

…and the cauliflower (I also squeezed on some fresh lemon juice).

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I did Sumo Fran in the garage (modified and very slowly) and ate some deli roast beef and steamed chestnuts as a post workout snack.

Then, it was off to work AGAIN.

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