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Forky Friday: 4/5/13

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It’s Forky Friday again, which means I’ve compiled a bunch of this week’s tastiest links for your reading pleasure.

What’s on tap, you ask? A couple of great recaps of PaleoFX, myth-busting articles from two of the top Paleo experts, a review of the best-rated Dutch ovens on the market, a cool new Kickstarter project, and some rib-sticking recipes!  

  • I’ve posted about my first two days in Austin, but I’ve still got four more days of PaleoFX goodness to recap. In the meantime, you can watch this lovely video from Bill and Hayley that captures the essence of this year’s festivities.

  • If you prefer words to moving pictures, my cleavage-baring pal Clifton Harski published a spot-on summary of the conference in this post, along with a bunch of key takeaways. Plus, there’s a bonus pic of Dr. Emily Deans doing a one-handed handstand. Pure awesomeness.


  • Okay, Paleo fans. I’m sure the skeptics among your friends and family have been pestering you about Marlene Zuk’s Paleofantasy. Or maybe they’re clogging your inbox with links to Professor Christina Warriner’s TedX talk, Debunking the Paleo Diet. Luckily for you and me both, a couple of Paleo gurus have done the heavy lifting for us. The Sisson takes on Paleofantasy in this post and Paleo Baby Jesus (a.k.a. Robb Wolf) addresses the TedX Talk here. If you agree with Mark and Robb, shoot the links to your naysaying pals. And if you don’t, that’s fine. Just keep eating real food.


  • One of my favorite tools in the kitchen is my Dutch oven. (Yes, I have lots of favorite tools. Got a problem with that?) With excellent heat retention and tight-fitting lids, these pots help ensure even cooking and are perfect for soups, braises, and stews. But do you really have to spend beaucoup dinero to land a good one? Check out what Consumer Search has to say about the Dutch ovens that offer the most bang for the buck in this article.


Alrighty, gang — go spend some quality time laughing with your loved ones, and eat well this weekend!

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