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PSA: I Love L’Amourette 91% Cacao Extra Smooth Chocolat Noir

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It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of dark, dark, dark chocolate. (Back off, Paleo Police. Chocolate’s one of my only indulgences; it puts some spring in this old zombie’s step.) There are a couple of unsweetened 100% cacao bars I enjoy (like the Domori Il 100%), but my favorite bars have just a smidge of sugar to balance out the bitterness. Sadly, I’ve been disappointed by most of the 90+% cacao bars on the market. Most bars contain soy lecithin or taste too harsh or have an unpleasantly chalky texture. Or they’re too dang pricey. 

But then kismet struck.


While I sleepily shuffled through the aisles at Piazza’s Fine Foods this morning after work, I spied a couple of bars of L’Amourette 91% Cacao Extra Smooth bars. I immediately snatched ‘em all up and rushed home to try them. (You know, for research.)

I gotta say: this bar is pretty awesome, with smooth meltability, delicately balanced flavors, and zero soy. Plus, it’s made here in San Francisco by a charming French guy. 


If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area or other select areas around the country, you can buy some bars for your Valentines (or yourselves) at these locations. Just don’t go looking for them at Piazza’s in Palo Alto today ‘cause I totally cleaned them out. 

Got a favorite bar? Tell me in the comments!