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Paleo Eats: 3/26/11

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Another day, another dollar, right? Thankfully, I just have to get through five more nights until my PTO.

My first meal at work was leftover sous vide rack of lamb, cauliflower puree, and roasted broccoli and bacon.

At snack time, I gobbled up a small container of coconut butter. This kept me full until the end of work so I didn’t eat the dinner I packed again.

After work, I picked up my second veggie CSA basket for the week.

Once I got home, I formed and seasoned some grass fed beef burgers that I put into the freezer to harden (it takes about 2 hours to freeze).

I left hubs in charge of vacuum sealing and sous viding the burgers since I’d be sleeping.

My stomach started growling, so I stir-fried some chicken breast with two stalks of green garlic, Sunny Paris seasoning, beet greens, and butter.

I also ate some macadamia nuts and coconut flakes before heading to bed.

When I woke up in the evening, the burgers were already cooking in the SousVide Supreme so all I had to do was prepare the toppings for our burger salads.

I sliced up half an avocado, baked some bacon in the toaster oven…

(which also yielded a container of liquid gold)

…sliced up some red cabbage…

…washed a bunch of salad greens…

 …sautéed some sliced onions in butter, and a bunch of mushrooms in bacon grease.

I took the burgers out of the water oven, seared them in bacon grease in a pan, and then charred the sides with my kitchen torch.

Here’s my dinner plate:

After dinner, I removed a couple chicken breasts out of the SousVide Supreme (I dunked them in after I took out the burgers and increased the temperature to 140 F) and packed my meals for work.

Now, I just need find the oomph to get through four more night shifts…

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