Nom Nom Paleo

Hello There,

I came across your blog last weekend and instantly fell in love! it's nice to see a day by day of what you eat and do. As of lately I had been running out of reciepes, but your blog and a few others helped me back into the light. I wanted to ask about your CSA, what do you do when you get items you don't want? Like potatoes. Also when you buy your sides of meat, do they (full of life farm) also let you make special orders like for beef/pork fat? I've been trying to gear up my boyfriend to make the switch to eating clean and so far so good. Only a matter of saving up the moolah to buy the food and freezer. Thanks in advance!!

-Angela (Sunnyvale, CA)


Hi there Angela!

Thanks for reading! When I get stuff I don’t want in my Full Belly Farm CSA box, I normally pass it on to one of my friends. At the drop-off site for my Mariquita Farm CSA box, there’s a trade box where members can trade out stuff they don’t want for something in the box. If there isn’t anything I like in the trade box, I just donate my item to the box.

I just ordered a half hog from Full of Life Farm for the first time but I was able to talk to the butcher and custom order how I wanted it broken down. He asked me if I wanted the skin, ears, tail, and fat and I told him I’d take everything. Since I’m also a member of Marin Sun Farms CSA, I can order extra items to get delivered with my monthly box and there are tons of different cuts/species to choose from.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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