Nom Nom Paleo

Your paleo pages, are very very nice and great!
(i am from Europe, Hungary, (and a little bit hungry:)) and my english is bad :))
I would like to say to you, I think: the peas and beans are NOT paleo stuffs?!, and i remember the tomatoes are not paleo food too?
anyway i like your kitchen :), thank you very much


Wow! An international reader, I’m so flattered that you visit my humble little site!

Peas and legumes are not Paleo-approved  but Robb Wolf and the Whole9 folks say that green beans are a-OK (they’re more pod than bean). Some Paleo followers don’t eat nightshades (e.g. tomatoes and eggplant) because they may be pro-inflammatory but I still do.

Thanks for reading!

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