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AHS ‘12 Day One (8/9/12)

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Morning on the farm! The kids have been up for hours and already: (1) performed meaningful chores around the farm, (2) ate a big breakfast of eggs and cantaloupe, and (3) caught a catfish at the pond.

Gotta run to Day Two of AHS, so no time to post in depth about Day One. Here are just a few snapshots from yesterday.

Here’s the incredible breakfast that Diana made us:

And here’s Denise, the very first person I bumped into at AHS — and look what she’s sporting!

We met up with a bunch of our buds, including Hilary, Jude, Dave, Ann, Melissa and Dallas… 

…and headed over to Harvard Law School for the Symposium.

We ate swag bag grub…

…and spent time with friends new and old.

Best presentation of the day: Joel Salatin's inspirational speech exhorting us to break the law.

A long, fun dinner at The Blue Room with friends (Dusty and Cindy, Jules, Erin, and the Hartwigs)…

…and then it was time for bed.

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