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I remember you mentioned that you probay would have bought the demi instead of the supreme if it bad been available. Still feel that way? My wife is a little on the fence about eating out of plastic. I wasn't really that concerned until I googled it and of course found various results of phthalates and bpa transfer depending on the plastic product. Were you ever concerned about any of that? Seems like a simple formula that if you cook it long enough at the right temp, it gets done and kills bacteria so that side of the "sous vise isnt tested/safe is taken care of. As someone who gets varied results with cooking meat, it sure would be nice to get it to come out as nice as some of your pictures. thanks for a great site.

ps with best wishes for your mother in law.


I’m very happy with my regular sized SousVide Supreme because I like the cooking capacity and I have enough counter space to accommodate it.

I understand being concerned about plasticizers leaching into sous vide food; heck, in ten years, maybe it’ll be well-established that sous vide cooking causes people’s brains to liquefy and ooze out of their nostrils. But from what I’ve read, sous vide’s done at such low temps that this cooking technique doesn’t present such a problem. The Eades have addressed the matter of sous vide food safety on their blog to my satisfaction. Plus, as Modern Paleo’s Diana Hsieh has written, the plasticizer concern is “not a concern, provided that the proper bags are used.” The all-knowing king of food chemistry, Harold McGee, has concurred, pointing out that the food-contact layers of all standard bags for this kind of cooking are made of polyethylene, and doesn’t contain plasticizers.

Plus, my SousVide Supreme makes me look like a great chef with little or no effort.

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