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Late Night Eats: 1/2/11

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As some of you are aware, I’m a night shift worker so I always need to pack meals to eat in the dead of night. I’ve decided to only write one post per night detailing my eats because it gets kind of repetitive. And I’m lazy, remember?

My first snack of the night was at midnight, when I ate some crudites and Aubergine dip. I would’ve eaten earlier but I snarfed down some macadamia nuts post-workout prior to coming to work, so I wasn’t hungry until the witching hour.

Around 2:00 a.m., I ate my “lunch,” which consisted of a lovely salad (greens with sous vide chicken breast, avocados, cucumbers, and shredded carrots) made by my fabulous hubby.

My second snack of the night was at 4:00 a.m.: A yummy bowl of coconut milk and blueberries.

I wolfed down my last meal at work shortly before 7:00 a.m., when I attacked a container of leftover grass fed beef shank and cabbage stew and cauliflower rice.

I think the key to keeping sane while working the graveyard shift is having a set routine and packing lots of leftovers. I’m glad I stopped experimenting with intermittent fasting, because that was a complete failure.

If I’m hungry, I’ll eat — but now, I’m paying greater attention so I don’t do it mindlessly.

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