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Dining Out Paleo: Local 360 Cafe & Bar (Seattle, WA)

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Thanks to all of you who recently responded to my call for Seattle restaurant recommendations, we learned about a number of great spots, including Local 360 Cafe & Bar, a hoppin’ joint in Belltown.

With a special focus on sustainability, Local 360 searches out organic produce and humanely-raised meats — virtually all of which is sourced from within a 360-mile radius. The menu features an assortment of hearty dishes that hit the spot for anyone with comfort food cravings: deviled eggs, pork belly, steak frites. Even better: Local 360 clearly identifies the gluten-free dishes on its menu, making it (somewhat) easier for me to narrow down my selections for dinner.

So what did we get for our Friday night grub?

Silky, savory deviled eggs…

A fresh and tangy beet salad with feta, walnuts, orange, and sherry vinaigrette…

A crisp and unctuous serving of pork belly with butternut squash and chèvre purée…

A hearty dish of rich rabbit gratin with potato, caramelized onion, and kale, and…

A juicy, seared steak with mushroom demi-glace, along with a side of mushrooms.

The verdict? Fantastic! There’s nothing like the satisfaction of chowing on fresh, local, lip-smackingly good food. Thanks again for the recommendation!

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