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Dining Out (Kinda) Paleo: Jitlada (Los Angeles, CA)

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I know that Robb Wolf and Sarah Fragoso dine out Paleo-style at Thai places all the time but when we went to lunch at Jitlada today, I wasn’t super strict about ordering Paleo. Why? Well, I’m definitely more fanatical about eating good food than eating Paleo (if that’s possible) so when I go to a highly regarded restaurant, I’ll order the items they’re famous for rather than picking something that is Paleo-friendly but tastes bland. Obviously, I’m not going to pick super carb-y items but I’m not going to worry about the amount of sugar in savory items or what kind of oil they cook the food in. Since I cook most of my meals nowadays, I don’t stress out if I’m not eating 100% Paleo when eating out.

Here’s what we ordered: Crispy Morning Glory Salad: deep-fried watercress, poached shrimp, red cabbage, red onions, and a sweet, sour, and spicy dressing.

Definitely contained flour in the batter and sugar in the vinaigrette but it was oh-so-effing good.

Crying Tiger Pork:

This dish was featured on the Food Network’s The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Hot & Spicy. It was pretty tasty, too.

Crab Omelet:

Kinda greasy but oh so tasty.

I’m currently reading Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Body and he promotes eating a mostly Paleo diet for 6 days a week and indulging in a cheat day on the 7th. I’m seriously considering taking a cheat day…

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