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Paleo Finds at Nijiya Market (Mountain View, CA)

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I love Japanese grocery stores! There is so much excessive packaging and a lot of the food is super processed but they are so damn clean.  You been to a 99 Ranch lately? Yowsers! 

I really haven’t been to Nijiya Market in a while because I no longer need to stock up on mirin, soy products, soba noodles, Japanese curry mix, etc. since going Paleo.  I went today to check out their meat selection and their organic produce (which is pretty extensive).

I picked up a few veggies and some packages of organic peeled and cooked chestnuts…

…Rocky free-range chicken thighs, boneless, with skin-on…

…and pork belly!

I love that Nijiya carries unusual cuts of meat that are harder to find at American grocery stores.  I’m gonna be sous viding the pork belly and thighs and I’ll blog about them later this week.

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