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Cobb Salad with Sous Vide Chicken

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Dinner prep was a breeze tonight.  Thank the stars! Fitbomb and I were dog tired after planning, prepping, and cleaning for our kid’s 6th birthday party.

We had lots of leftovers from the party so we just made ourselves another Cobb salad. It could’ve been even easier if I just threw on the leftover sous vide flank steak but I can’t stand eating the same thing two meals in a row if I have a choice.  Luckily, I had a bunch of sous vide chicken breasts waiting in the fridge that I’d originally made for the party.  I reheated them in my SousVide Supreme at 140 F for 30 minutes and then I seared them off in my grill pan with some coconut oil.

Here’s my dinner salad made from leftovers:

It’s nice having party leftovers that you want to keep eating!

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