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Eating Out (Sorta) Paleo: Tokie’s Japanese Restaurant (Foster City, CA)

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Tokie’s is a popular neighborhood Japanese restaurant in Foster City. It’s run by Hawaiian Japanese owners, so the entrees and combos come with a double helping of carbs: a bowl of rice AND mayonnaise-dressed noodles. The food is all right, but not fantastic. However, the service is really friendly and my folks and kids love it, so I don’t put up too much of a fight when they insist on eating here.

Okay, Japanese cuisine isn’t really Paleo-friendly anyway. There’s sugar, soy, and corn starch in everything. Plus, there’s all that rice. I guess if you just stick with sashimi and don’t dip it in soy sauce, you’d be okay.

But I was hungry, so I also ordered some spinach with sesame sauce…

…despite the tons of sugar and mirin (sweetened sake) in it.

After inhaling it, I was still hungry, so I stole some teriyaki beef and yakitori from my parents’ and kids’ plates, respectively.

Both were covered in a thick, goopy, sweet sauce. Icky. Next time, I’ll just eat a shitload of Paleo food before coming to dinner so I won’t eat more than the sashimi (which wasn’t all that fresh, sadly). Don’t get me wrong, if the food’s not-quite-Paleo but fantastic, I’ll happily indulge, but since the food here is only mediocre, I’ll pass next time.

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