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Easy Sous Vide Wild Alaskan Cod

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Here’s an experiment I performed tonight for dinner, all done in the interests of science laziness:

The question: Would dinner be palatable if all I did was grab two frozen wild Alaskan cod fillets straight out of the freezer and plop them in my SousVide Supreme (preheated to 130 F) for 30 minutes…

…dry them off…

…season them with freshly ground pepper and Aleppo chile finishing salt…

…and sear them — a minute per side — in some coconut oil in my super hot cast iron skillet?

The answer: Yep!

To accompany my fish, I sautéed some pre-washed, packaged organic baby spinach with some minced pre-peeled garlic cloves in my unwashed cast iron skillet.  Then, I topped the fillets with Primavera salsa and a dollop of Wholly Guacamole. It was super-easy: Perfect for a slacker cook, and tasty to boot.

I’m sure if I defrosted and seasoned the fillets before vacuum-sealing them, they would’ve tasted even better, but this experiment was to determine the bare minimum I could get away with to make edible fish with the least amount of work. I have to admit that cod isn’t my favorite fish, but until Costco starts stocking IQF vacuum-sealed Alaskan king salmon, I’ll happily sous vide cod and sockeye salmon straight from the bag.

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