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Paleo Eats: 2/9/12

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On my first night back at work, I wasn’t hungry until 6:00 a.m. I think it’s because I stuffed my face with slow roasted beef back ribs at dinnertime.

For my only meal at work, I slurped up a big bowl of beefy bone broth.

When I came home in the morning, I tossed some chicken drumsticks with Tandoori marinade and stored them in the fridge.

After the kids were shuttled to school, I savored a few spoonfuls of homemade coconut butter and crawled into bed to catch some zzz’s.

In the evening, I put the drumsticks in the oven, sauteed broccolini with fresh shiitake and sliced garlic…

…and reheated the garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes I made on Tuesday.

When the chicken was finished roasting, I called the family to the table.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Then, I gulped down a black espresso and sped off to work.

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