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Paleo Breakfast at Café Borrone (Menlo Park, CA)

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I was a bad food blogger this morning and forgot to take a picture of breakfast at Café Borrone.  I was too damn hungry and Fitbomb wasn’t there to remind me.  When the two of us go out to eat, he is always taking beautiful pics of our food (well-lit, great composition, etc.) while I’m impatiently waiting to chow down.  I gotta work on being a better food paparazzo.

Café Borrone is a relaxing place to grab some nosh and drinks with your pals.  I’ve been coming here since high school, so for more than 20 years.  Jesus.  I used to always order their Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream chased down with a frosted mocha.  Damn, that’s a good combination.

Today, I ordered Scramble #6 (eggs scrambled with bacon and Swiss chard) with a side of chicken apple sausage.  Very tasty and we enjoyed it out in the sun by the fountain.  I almost forgot I had to go to work tonight.

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