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Video: Flame On!

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Earlier today, reader BTNYC posted a desperate plea for help:

Nom nom, need help.  I bought an Iwatani torch at your suggestion.  It took several months to locate butane cannisters that fit (gas one). I no longer have the packaging and have no clue how to make the torch work. I can hook up the gas properly, but uncertain as to the controls on the torch. Would you be so kind to walk me through it. Love your site.

Great question. I love my Iwatani kitchen torch, but I’d hate for you to buy one and burn your face off, or engulf your home in flames. Kitchen torches are fun and effective for evenly browning and charring your meats, but they’re dangerous. It’s good to be cautious.

BTNYC: Here’s my video response to your question. Hope it’ll help you get your Iwatani torch up and running.

By the way, did anyone notice my awesome apron? You can get one just like it over here. (Shameless, I know.)

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