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Dinner at Home When I Don’t Wanna Cook

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Remember a few posts back when I said that I like to make quick dinners when I’m on my work week?  Well, when I’m working as a full time mom I want dinners on the table even quicker.  I was really tired tonight and I didn’t want to cook AT ALL.  But I’d already gotten take out for lunch so I didn’t feel right getting more take out for dinner.

I already knew I had a pound of defrosted grass fed ground beef in the fridge, an onion, garlic, a handful of cherry tomatoes, and some pre-made homemade taco seasoning so I just made the same seasoned ground beef that I made a week ago. What am I going to serve with it?  

I sliced up some delicata squash I had on the counter and roasted it off in the toaster oven with some extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper at 400 F for around 20 minutes. Then I nuked some frozen broccoli.  I love frozen broccoli.  Yes, it’s always mushier than fresh but I don’t need to wash or cut anything.

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