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Dining Out Paleo: Back A Yard Carribean American Grill (Menlo Park)

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This morning, the little rugrat and I went to visit a close friend and her new baby.  The older kid had his first extended day at kinder so I was free to go out to lunch again — woo hoo!  Luckily, my friend is just a stone’s throw away from Back A Yard Carribean American Grill so I ordered some take out to nosh at her house.  Yes, the menu is filled with carb-y goodness (e.g. corn festivals, beef patties, rice and beans, macaroni and cheese, fried plantains, etc.) but you can still eat Paleo and eat well.  I ordered the Carribean Cobb Salad and it’s huge:

See that honking chicken breast? Or the pile of perfectly crisp bacon? Or the perfectly cooked hard boiled egg with no unsightly sulfur ring around the yolk?  Delicious and filling.

The chef, Robert Simpson, trained at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park (the Harvard of culinary schools) so you know you’re gonna get some good eats.  Just make sure you call ahead to place your order, because they definitely work on island time — slow as molasses.

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