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Lunch In and Packed to Go

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In case anyone is curious, this is what Fitbomb is having for lunch: (clockwise from the top left corner) Dittmer’s smoked salmon and half a cut up avocado; leftover sous vide tri-tip with roasted veggies; a hard boiled egg; and coconut flakes and mac nuts.  

He also brought some emergency food in the form of a Tanka bar, canned sardines, and a foil packet of wild salmon.  He’ll break into these items if he’s still hungry or if he’s sidelined and can’t eat what’s packed.

I made myself a box of leftover roasted veggies and tri-tip as well and I ate it right out of the Tupperware after preparing my kids’ super un-Paleo lunch.  It goes without saying that I munched on slivered almonds, coconut flakes, and mac nuts throughout the morning and afternoon.  

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