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Paleo Eats: 12/15/11

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Today, I was not inspired to cook and just wanted to make like a slug. Uh, huh: I wanted to leave slime trails all over the ground and not tackle any of the items on my to-do list.

My intentions this morning were good — I was all set to hole myself up at the new Philz Coffee in downtown Palo Alto and take advantage of their free WiFi. I even packed myself a portable breakfast (hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with truffle salt and leftover roasted Dukka-seasoned cauliflower), so I would be set for the long haul. 

Unfortunately, a bunch of unforeseen crap sidetracked my plans and I was directionless and listless for the rest of the day. Phooey.

After wasting a couple of hours being unproductive, I came home and reheated some leftover lamb and chestnut stew over a bowl of frozen broccoli for lunch.

Before the kids came home, I was able to finish one appetizer recipe for my side project: Bacon-topped Brussels sprouts

In the evening, I was too lazy to make dinner so I popped some frozen pre-cooked pork chops into the SousVide Supreme and seared them with my kitchen torch.

I served the chops on a bed of arugula and tossed on a few kumquats and leftover roasted bell peppers.

This slug needs her sleep. Good night.

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