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Paleo Eats: 12/5/11

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I’m over the hump…but I still need to get through three 10-hour night shifts. Ugh.

While at work, I ate another pack of spicy Grass Fed Jerky Chews, a square of dark chocolate, a cup of leftover cream of avocado soup, and some stir-fried kelp noodles.

When I got home in the a.m., I checked on the Kalua pig that was simmering in the slow cooker and went to bed.

My dinner prep in the evening was pretty simple. For the veggie sides, I reheated the braised cabbage in the microwave, grabbed a couple heads of romanesco…

…and roasted the florets in the toaster oven with Sunny Paris seasoning and coconut oil.

I plated the Kalua Pig

…shredded it with a couple of forks….

..and adjusted the seasoning with the braising liquid.

Seriously, this dish is so easy and you end up with TONS of tender, smoky pork.

Don’t think about it — just put one in your slow cooker already.

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