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SousVide Supreme: How Lazy People Can Cook Like Master Chefs

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I recently splurged and got myself a SousVide Supreme. Wanna read more about sous viding? Here’s my hubby’s in depth post on cooking food at sub-boiling temps in a plastic bag. Yes, I buy a shitload of kitchen gadgets that are now languishing in our appliance graveyard in the garage but I think I will get a lot of use of out this machine. Really. I promise.

In my first two weeks of ownership, I’ve made pork chops, grassfed sirloin roast, chicken breasts (once with skin and bones, once sans both), tri-tip steak, 48-hour Momofuku shortribs, and assorted veggies. I’ve had success with some things (e.g. shortribs) and had some misses (e.g. over-cooked broccoli and pork chops). I’m still tinkering with my recipes and will post about my successes as I get more experience with my water oven.

I’m not an aspiring Master Chef — just a working mom who wants perfectly cooked meat ready and waiting for me at dinner time. So far, I’m pretty happy with the results.

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