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Paleo Eats: 10/2/11

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I only cooked breakfast today but I still ate relatively clean despite attending a kiddie birthday party and getting dinner at a fast food joint. 

For breakfast, I baked a frittata with leftover emergency protein, baked sweet potato fries, and sauteed peppers. I split it in half with my hubby and garnished each slice with a cascade of heirloom tomatoes.

After breakfast, we ventured to the park where Big-O rode his two-wheeler and I scrambled up play structures with Lil-O. Fitbomb and I took turns sprinting after Big-O on his bike and we synthesized a lot of vitamin D. Fun times.

Before lunch, we drove to Walnut Creek to celebrate the fifth birthday of N, the son of our dear friends E & J. We were excited to spend the day with our buddies because our reunions are so far in between. While everyone else noshed on pizza at the party, hubby and I stealthily gulped down his and hers grass fed PaleoKits.

We concluded our day with a quick and casual dinner at The Habit.

Originally from Santa Barbara, The Habit is a chain that specializes in “Charburgers” and salads.

It reminded me of an upscale In-N-Out because you’re allowed to customize your burger.

Since I’m a big pain in the ass, I ordered a couple lettuce-wrapped double charburgers without grilled onions or mayonnaise and added avocado and bacon. 

Pretty tasty and each burger cost less than $6!

All in all, I had a WONDERFUL Sunday. I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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