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A T-Shirt Recipe

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Okay. After posting some new shirt designs last week, I got some feedback that the manly men want more shirts that don’t feature the image of a cute little girl. (Come on, boys — what’s wrong with sporting a cartoon girl on your chest?!?) With marching orders in hand, my in-house designer (a.k.a. the hubby) got to work.

Here’s what he did:

  • Step 1: First, we came up with a concept — a caveman flipping a tire carved out of stone — and then Fitbomb sketched out a rough drawing.
  • Step 2: After some revisions, he got to work on the final drawing using a non-photo blue pencil.
  • Steps 3 - 5: Once we were satisfied with the look, he inked the illustration and put it through our scanner.
  • Steps 6 - 9: Using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, hubs further refined and colored the design, and then uploaded it to Spreadshirt

And here’s the finalized image. It’s now available in my t-shirt shop!

What do you think?

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