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Guess who won the Nom Nom Paleo T-shirt and 1-year Paleo Magazine subscription giveaway?


Thank you all for entering the contest! If you didn’t win, send yourself a present by purchasing a Nom Nom Paleo T-shirt and subscribe to Paleo Magazine!

On a side note, y’all gave me lots of great suggestions for future recipes BUT I’m a little perturbed perplexed by all the requests for Paleo versions of carb-y, sugar-y, gluten-y entrees and desserts. Yes, it’s partly my fault for being so vague in my request but some recipes just can’t be Paleo-ized.

First of all, mac ‘n cheese without the mac or the cheese is just salt and pepper. Secondly, if you want to indulge in a “FAILEO” food once in a blue moon as an F-off treat — do it! Unless you’re suffering from an autoimmune disorder, a gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free iteration of an item like cheesecake isn’t worth it. You’ll be disappointed and STILL eat more than you want to. Free yourselves of the candy cigarettes, people!

[UPDATED: Okay, okay. I looked back at my post and I totally asked for Paleo-ized food (i.e., stuff that doesn’t start off Paleo). Time to wipe the egg off my face and remove the foot from my mouth! I guess the sheer volume of the requests for dessert options just got me a little worried about y’all. (And frankly, I wouldn’t trust myself to make a “Paleo” dessert and not gorge on it.) Next time, I’ll be sure to make clear that I just wanted some new ideas for everyday recipes. You know I love you, right?]

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