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Paleo Eats: 9/21/11

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I started my nightshift work week tonight so my morning was a flurry of laundry and errands.

Before I walked Big-O to school, I cooked up a frittata with the last of the leftover slow cooker Kalua pig, sauteed bell peppers, and frozen spinach.

 Fitbomb and I each ate a slice topped with avocado and I saved the rest to pack as an upcoming work lunch.

For lunch, I picked up a variety of kabobs from Rose International Market and I tossed a meaty salad with greens and heirloom tomatoes. 

I made sure I ordered extra kabobs (‘cause they’re tasty and cheap) so I’d have surplus protein for packed lunches. Are you sensing a trend here?

After I inhaled my lunch, I picked up Big-O from school and we retrieved our monthly meat share from Marin Sun Farms. When we returned home, I filled and heated my SousVide Supreme to 132 F and gave my mom instructions to dump in a frozen pre-cooked Cowboy chop at 4:00 p.m. Remember? It’s the one I iced in my Cowboy chop sous vide video!

I took a nap for a couple hours in the afternoon and woke up in the evening to make dinner for the family. 

For our supper, I made a quick stir-fry with savoy cabbage and onions and tossed in a small tray of roasted spiced mushrooms

…a tomato and basil salad

…and seared the reheated chop in a cast iron skillet.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Before heading to work, I did a hundred burpees veeerrrrrry sloooooooowly and mostly on my knees. Then, I made myself an espresso with a splash of heavy cream and hauled my keister to work.

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