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Paleo Eats: 9/14/11

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Yay! It was my last night of work and my flip day! 

(This post is gonna be short and sweet because I’m blogging while watching the CrossFit Games on ESPN2. It’s fun playing “Where’s Fitbomb?” so I wanna get off my laptop ASAP.)

On my last night at the hospital, I chowed on Applegate Farms organic roast beef, avocado, and marinated roasted bell peppers

When I came home in the morning, I gulped down a sauteed Applegate Farms chicken apple sausage and leftover garlic cauliflower mashed potatoes.

I went to bed for a couple hours and when I awoke,  I went into full-time mommy mode. After shuttling the kiddies around town, we came home at dinnertime.

I was tired and cranky so I was relieved that I had leftovers available in the fridge. For dinner, I fried some 4505 Meats’ bacon-filled hotdogs, sliced a couple heirloom tomatoes, and nuked leftover Asian cauliflower fried rice.

Here’s my dinner plate:

Good night! 

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